What is Colloidal Silver ?


History of Colloidal Silver

It is well-documented that Silver has been utilised as a natural antibacterial agent and disinfectant for thousands of years. It was widely utilised back in ancient times and is widely used today in modern hospitals, particularly in the treatment of burn victims due to its gentle yet effective healing powers. The Greeks and Romans used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh. In the middle ages, silverware protected the aristocracy from the full onslaught of the plague. The privileged throughout our society stored and ate their food from silverware to prevent bacteria from breeding - hence the well-known saying "born with a silver spoon in his mouth".

Prior to the introduction of pharmaceutical antibiotics in the 1930s, Colloidal Silver was widely utilised in hospitals. Silver was rediscovered in the 1800s by Western scientists proclaiming its uses as a powerful germ fighter. 

More recently, NASA have just made a ground-breaking announcement that they are to use Colloidal Silver in their air and water purification systems in the ISS (International Space Station).

TIME Magazine recently published an article on Colloidal Silver and how it is finally recognised as being an asset to health and general wellbeing.

True Colloidal Silver

As with ionic silver, this is produced by electrolysis along with added procedures which result in a much larger particle size of silver to that of ionic silver. Typically upwards of 50% particulate and due to the higher abundance of clusters of silver, there is a shift in colour from clear to yellow. This is the Plasmon Resonance Effect whereby the size of silver particle that best absorbs the indigo light leaving its inverse colour, yellow, to be observed. The typical size of each particle is .01 to .001 microns (10-100 angstroms).

Colloidal (Ionic) Silver

This is the result of an electrolysis process that liberates microscopic ions of silver into a solution of distilled water. All Colloidal (Ionic) Silver is, in essence, a combination of both ions and particles - typically in the range of  80%-95% and 5%-15% particles. The only way to detect the particle content of silver is by shining a laser light through the solution. This will enable you to see the Tyndall Effect - when the beam will strike the particles and the light will be reflected off these particles producing a matte defused beam with no large particles indicated by 'sparklers'. This is an excellent indication of high quality Colloidal Silver. Although the ionic element cannot be detected by a laser light due to the ions being too small too be seen by the naked eye, a PPM meter can trace the dissolved solids (ions). Most PPM meters are calibrated for salt solutions and are not specifically accurate enough to give a true reading of silver ion content in the solution but are a good 'rough guide' indicator. Colloidal (Ionic) Silver will be translucent.

Our Process

Produced, using the Faraday technique, from only pure Scottish steam-distilled water and 99.999% pure silver with a constant current process, ensuring consistent particle size throughout.

Colloidal Silver Uses

Natural health practitioners recommend, for cuts, burns, grazes, bites, stings, etc., soaking a cotton pad with Colloidal (Ionic) Silver and dabbing onto the affected area at regular intervals. There are conditions where it is more beneficial to keep the Colloidal Silver in permanent contact on the skin. We have used this method successfully on burns and fungal infections. Soak a cotton pad with Colloidal Silver, place on the infected area and then seal with cling film.

For topical applications and utilisation in the eyes, ears and nose we recommend our clear Colloidal (Ionic) Silver. 

Why Colloidal Silver ?

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Silver is reputed to be a most powerful natural antiseptic and anti-fungal agent. It is highly effective in the treatment of skin conditions (including acne, eczema and psoriasis), wounds and burns and has the added benefit of minimal scarring. Experience and testimonials have taught us that Silver is equally as effective in the treatment of animals. 

In Botanical terms - in the treatment of plants and flowers - silver has proven to be highly effective in the prevention of harmful organisms including mould, fungi and aphid infestation.

In the household, Colloidal Silver has proven time and time again to be an excellent and safe all-round disinfectant. Simply spray on work surfaces and wipe clean. Silver may also be used to disinfect soft furnishings and pet bedding. Experience has taught us that Silver is highly effective in eliminating odours, stains (including ink) and mildew. Colloidal Silver will not stain fabrics nor affect surfaces.

Where to buy Colloidal Silver?  Where can I buy Colloidal Silver?


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