The "C" Word... is it TOO early to mention Christmas?


Is it too early to mention Christmas?

Are you looking for something 'different' to give your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter or your lover - or even yourself - this Christmas!?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Then look no further...  we have two sumptuous BEAUTY CREAMS.  

Both are completely VEGAN-FRIENDLY - with no animal ingredients, nor are our products tested on animals.  They do not harbour any chemicals.  But they DO hold lots of goodness and nourishment for the skin, which is especially important at this time of year to prevent the skin from drying out and contributing to that horrid ageing process that all women fear.

We have a choice of TWO light fragrances:  floral and exotic JASMINE or the sensual and seasonal FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH.

The choice is yours...  they are both extremely popular and, in their lovely packaging and flower-like gift wrapping, make extraordinary delightful gifts!

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