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Silver heals long standing condition

The power of colloidal silver  is phenomenal. Legally we cannot make any claims about this product, but you our customers can! Following is the story  of one of our customers who gave us her feedback of using Colloidal Silver. The lady had just given birth and was bleeding internally and  the bleeding would not stop. She was close to death's door by her own admission. She was taking medicines prescribed to her from the doctors but all to no avail. Her health or condition did not improve. She then came across our colloidal silver upon recommendation and started to take it. She drank a whole litre over a period of time and within 6 days she confessed that she was totally healed. She reportedly passed what she called 17 tumours!! To say this is something short of miraculous is an understatement.

When I heard the story I was so touched by this mother who had dared to risk everything to save herself I was moved to tears. She risked all so she could be alive for her children and is a living testimony to the total unconditional love of a mother who had total faith in the healing power of natural medicines and foods. 

Colloidal silver is  antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Colloidal silver's ability to control antibiotic-resistant super bugs is amazing!

Colloidal silver is great for healing  wounds.and for skin care.

  • It is antiviral and  anti-Inflammatory. ...

  • It  can help with sinusitis
  • It can help ward off colds and flu and the deadly pneumonia. There is so much more to colloidal silver waiting to be discovered.

What can it help you with?

Love & light


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Helen's Story

Helen's Story

My Experience with Colloidal Gold

My name is Helen. I am 68 years old and have been retired for 8 years. 

When I was 47 years old, I started to go through the menopause which unfortunately caused me a lot of issues. After consultation with my doctor, I was put on a program of Hormone Replacement Treatment. This treatment lasted for 10 years until further issues arose (due to the length of time I was on the medication). 
My doctor informed me that I was at a high risk of developing breast cancer, and it was recommended that the treatment should stop. 
Fast forward 6 months and the joints in my fingers began to ache and swell quite severely, which in itself caused a great deal of anxiety, as well as movement limitations that I had never experienced before.

I was then informed by my doctor that I had developed osteoarthritis in my hands. The cause of this was attributed to ceasing the Hormone Replacement Treatment. I felt I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, as I had spent a great deal of my life being active and using my fingers freely, without any restrictions at all.  I was a touch-typist - over 150 wpm.

Breast cancer or Osteoarthritis? 

That was the question I asked myself when I felt low regarding my condition.  I spent a lot of time consulting with my doctor with regards to the best way to move forward.  My doctor recommended that I go on tablets for my new condition, but I immediately felt anxious about it, so I conducted some research into the drugs that he had spoken to me about.  My research led me to conclude that, despite this near constant ache I was experiencing in my fingers, I would not be taking any medication. This was due to a long list of side effects attributed to the the drugs that treat this condition.  These include stomach bleeding, ulcers, kidney damage, intestine damage, vomiting, nausea, weight gain, risk of stroke and risk of heart attack.

Ten years passed and I learned to live with the condition as best I could, although one thing that had become apparent was the mental aspect. I would have days where pain would cause severe anxiety and anxiety manifested itself into greater anxiety issues. 

Then in November 2017, a family member suggested that I should try Colloidal Gold. I had never heard of this, so I did some research into its properties. 
I purchased 1 litre of Colloidal Gold, just to try.  After all, I felt I had nothing to lose. 

In all honesty, I felt slightly apprehensive at first as I have never been good with taking 'liquid medicines' for some reason.  The first time I took it, I used only one capful in the morning and, in all honesty, noticed no effect whatsoever. I still needed to take a leap of faith and I reminded myself that I had nothing to lose. 
After a few days of taking, just the one capful, I started to notice a slight feeling of improved wellbeing, so I decided to up my consumption to 2 capfuls per day.

 (I'm a small person)

Now, I take 2 capfuls each morning, between 9am and 11am, and swirl it in my mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. 
The effect that this has had on my health has been excellent.  The aching in my fingers is much less pronounced; my concentration levels have increased, giving me back my confidence. 

My anxiety levels have diminished greatly and my focus levels have increased substantially. The feeling of wellbeing that I now have is such a bonus. 
I now look forward to drinking my red juice every morning and cannot stress enough how much this has improved my quality of life. 

If only I had known about this 10 years ago.     

Helen, Lochgelly (Fife) -  23rd March 2018


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ELXR - our ELIXIR for Health


It is a powerful blend of all the Colloidal Supplements that we offer in one convenient litre-sized bottle... one 'ready to drink' formula!

If you are new to Collodial Supplements, it is a great introduction to them.

Our ELXR mix is made from the following precious colloids:

30% Colloidal Silver - for its gentle, yet powerful, and natural antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties - making it the nemesis of viruses, bugs and other nasty internal infections;

30% Colloidal Gold - for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to enhance mental wealth, and improve memory;

20% Colloidal Platinum - to restore equilibrium of the central nervous system, to improve concentration and dream recall;

15% Colloidal Zinc - to help cellular repair and to galvanise the immune system;

10% Colloidal Titanium - to harmonise the body's electromagnetic impulses and energies; and finally

5% Colloidal Copper - to maintain healthy connective tissue and to ease and strengthen the skeleto-muscular frame.

Specially formulated to ensure that with each 5-10ml dose administered, a safe yet effective amount of each Colloid is readily bioavailable.

In short, it is a natural health tonic - a true Elixir.

We recommend taking 5-10 ml (or 1-2 capfuls) daily, preferably first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Sloosh the fluid around the mouth for 15-30 seconds before swallowing - thus ensuring fast and effective absorption.

Like I say, it's a great introduction to Colloidal Supplements and a wonderful and natural tonic.  

FREE DELIVERY to all UK addresses.

Please, use DISCOUNT CODE TE10 at the checkout - for a sweet little 10% off.

The Colloidal Company does not take credit for the image in use.

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