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Paws for Thought - Consider our Furry Friends

Colloidal Silver, Gold and Copper for Cats & Dogs

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a very powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic with antiseptic disinfectant properties.  Germs, bacteria, viruses or mycosis die within six minutes contact with Colloidal Silver.
According to research by Sante Naturels, Italy, here's why:
  • - it is not toxic for cats & dogs
  • - it does not interfere with medications
  • - does not cause allergic reactions
  • - does not weaken the immune system, as can happen with some meds
  • - it supports T-Cells in the fight against foreign organisms

Uses of Colloidal Silver, for topical application and for oral administration:
- disinfects wounds and helps healing
- effective in the treatment of burns and abrasions
- helps both feline & canine acne
- being antimicrobial, it relieves and cleans insect bites, ticks, fleas etc
- helps with gingivitis or bad breath, particularly in dogs
- helps heal tooth extractions
- eases dermatitis and eczema
- effective in the treatment of ringworm/mycosis
- colloidal gold can greatly ease arthritic pain and aid mobility
- when nebulised, colloidal silver is great for feline asthma
- helps treat cystitis in cats & dogs
- used topically, great for bacterial conjunctivitis
- helpful in treating all parasites, internal and external
- can stop diarrheoa
- E-coli

Colloidal Silver is ideal for the treatment of cats and dogs - it has no odour and is not harmful if you apply to your furry friend's coat or skin.  
It is the perfect and completely natural alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs, which we know can be quite toxic - especially if used/taken over a prolonged period of time.

Colloidal Silver may be added to your pet's drinking water twice a day.  Sick animals have, in our experience, been known to avidly seek the Colloidal supplements, preferring it to plain water.

Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold possesses powerful healing properties:

- it is a powerful anti-inflammatory
- wonderful in the treatment of arthritis, dysplasia, arthrosis
- can help treat anaemia
- reduces inflammation, therefore highly effective in treating tendonitis
- it is good for the heart
- can help manage obesity
- helps with digestive disorders

Colloidal Copper

Colloidal Copper is also good for animals.  It has a similar bactericidal function to Colloidal Silver:

- can help treat anaemia
- as it is an anti-inflammatory, it too works well in the treatment of arthritis
- excellent in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections
- parasites
- intestinal inflammation

ALWAYS consult with your Veterinary Surgeon before embarking on a new treatment regime.  If your furry companion seems despondent, has tremors, is vomiting, or has diarrheoa, and is perhaps taking fits, seek medical attention URGENTLY.
They cannot always tell you what is wrong, or how they feel - it isn't obvious.
We do not claim to be Vets, so please - further your own research and always seek Veterinary attention if in doubt.

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1 x  150ml GOLD BEAUTY CREAM - a lush cream, possibly the only cream in the world with 6 precious metals, incl. 24ct Gold to give the skin a glow.

1 x 500ml COLLOIDAL GOLD - a wonderful natural stimulating health elixir

1 x 500ml COLLOIDAL SILVER 20ppm - a powerful & natural antibacterial, antifungal, antibiotic to stave off colds and flus...  winter IS just around the corner

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summer lovin'

Summer Holidays are just around the corner...

Yes! It's that time of year again when our minds wander off to distant sun-kissed beaches, sun-loungers by infinite pools and chilled cocktails in the sun... exploring different towns and cities, drinking in the culture... good food, good wine and relaxing times.

Yes! Summer Holidays are just around the corner...

Next to your travel insurance, foreign currency and swimwear, you need to consider caring for your skin when bumming around in the hot sun.

The sun's rays can cause irreparable damage to your skin so it is best you protect it and keep yourself drenched with moisture.

We have introduced a beautiful and indispensable sun-scented collection of products to provide you with all the protection you need.

Silver Sun Range of ALL Natural, Organic & Vegan Sun Skin Care Products:

"Mad Dogs & Englishmen" is our Introductory/Sample Pack - only £36 (incl. VAT)

100% Vegan-friendly and organic - with no chemical nasties!

All in one convenient travel pack for your convenience; or for those you new to our products, it's a good way to sample our ethical goodness!

This pack contains:

1 x 80ml Silver Sun Spritzer - stay cool, stay fresh with this lovely summer-scented cooling spray

1 x 100ml Silver Sun Tanning Oil -  all natural, Olive Oil-based to nourish and protect

1 x 100ml Colloidal Silver - a great all-round antiseptic - perfect for mozzy/midge bits, cuts, grazes, sunburn.

1 x 100ml Colloidal Gold - all natural (caffeine-free) stimulant/tonic and hangover cure (as we have found!)

1 x 80ml Silver Sun Salve - possibly the best aftersun cream in the world - all natural and gentle enough for sun-lovin' babies too!

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Silver Sun Range:

You can also buy these items individually, or in £££-saving special offers...

Silver Sun Tanning Oil (250ml - £16.20 incl VAT)

Our Silver Sun Tanning Oil is 100% vegan-friendly, organic and doesn't contain any chemical nasties!  It is completely natural.

Apply liberally before going out into the sun and use as often as desired.  ALWAYS respect the sun.  Never sunbathe when the sun is at its most fierce (between 11 and 3).  Shake well before use - separation can occur and is completely natural and expected.

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Silver Sun Salve (250ml - £16.20 incl VAT)

Our Silver Sun Salve is our 100% vegan friendly and organic, chemical-free aftersun cream.  

Keep refrigerated (for that extra chill) and apply liberally after sunbathing.

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Silver Sun Spritzer (100ml Spray - £15.54 incl VAT)

Our Silver Sun Spritzer is 100% vegan and organic.

Apply liberally to stay cool and funky fresh!  With its delightful chamomile & coconut fragrance, it is guaranteed to keep you cool and smelling like summer itself.

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