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Winter Skin Survival

Keep Your Skin Moisturised With Our Winter Skin Survival Tips

Skin Care in winter

Winter weather can be punishing on the skin.  Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which steals moisture from the skin, leaving it parched and under-nourished.

Without immediate and consistent care, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding and the chill of harsh winter elements can exacerbate the problem.

Indoor heat further robs the air of moisture, as do hot showers, baths and harsh cleansers.

While moisturising helps, it is not enough. There are additional ways to counteract these effects and keep your skin youthful and smooth.

Here are 12 Winter Skin Survival tips...

1. WASH IN LUKEWARM WATER - hot showers and baths, tempting as they may be, can strip the skin of its natural oils

2. MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE!  Your skin not only NEEDS more moisture but it's imperative that you apply moisturiser IMMEDIATELY after bathing, showering and washing your hands.  Applying moisturiser to damp skin helps lock moisture into the skin.  Keep a tub of moisturiser next to your bath, shower stall and every sink in your home, and workplace.  Apply liberally each time.

3. CHOOSE YOUR MOISTURISER CAREFULLY!   Many over-the-counter and/or designer moisturisers are merely laden with emollients (petroleum-based ingredients) which can, with time, further dry out the skin in winter months.  Be sure to choose one with natural oil-based ingredients (preferably cruelty-free too!) rather than water-based as these are more likely to help your skin retain moisture more effectively.
Our SKIN REPAIR MOISTURISER is laden with natural goodness like organic shea butter, coconut and hemp oil PLUS it has the added benefit of Colloidal Zinc and Colloidal Copper - renowned for their ability to help regenerate collagen and elastin, essential for healthy skin.  Our products do not contain any animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals... so you can be beautiful without the cruelty!  

4.  PROTECT YOUR SKIN -   Get used to wearing gloves and scarves to shield your face and hands against the winter elements.  (faux fur, please!)

5.  HUMIDIFY!   Heating systems dry out the air.  Consider purchasing a humidifier to put moisture BACK into the air that you breathe and prevent your skin from drying out.   Placing a large bowl of water near radiators is a cheap and effective means of humidifying your living areas too!

6.  DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!   Drink LOTS of fresh water.  I cannot stress this enough.  Water is essential for healthy skin.   We recommend alkaline water, i.e. water with freshly squeezed lemon.   This is a great detox for the body and skin and is particularly important if you have many parties planned for this coming Festive Season.  Remember, alchohol DEHYDRATES the skin, so drink plenty water to compensate.

7.  OVERNIGHT MOISTURISING -  Some areas of the body are more susceptible to winter dryness than others, i.e. face, hands, feet, knees and elbows.  These areas tend to lose moisture faster than any other part of the body.   Consider slathering on moisturiser at night, then wearing cotton gloves and socks to seal in moisturiser until morning.

8.  EXFOLIATE -  We often forget to help slough off dry skin cells, particularly in the winter months, particularly on your hands.  Moisture cannot be absorbed if dead cells are plentiful.  Be mindful of this and exfoliate weekly.  Exfoliation needn't be costly - a little sugar in your face wash/body wash can help... or why not try our COLLOIDAL SILVER OATMEAL SOAP... 

9.  AVOID TOXINS, ALLERGENS & OTHER IRRITANTS -   This is particularly important if you have psoriasis, eczema or other dry and itchy skin conditions.  Avoid allergens and irritants that may trigger a 'flare-up'.  These include harsh detergents (consider swapping your laundry detergent for gentle organic soapnuts), irritating fabrics such as wool - (not applicable if you are vegan :) and minimise your alcohol intake!

10.   CHANGE YOUR CLEANSER -   Cleansers can be extremely drying to the skin.  Avoid those containing glycolic or salicylic acid.  Always moisturise afterwards.

11.  HYDRATE YOUR BODY - EAT HEALTHY FRUITS & VEGGIES -   Eating foods HIGH in water content is very effective in keeping your skin plumped out and preventing dehydration.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges and watery veggies such as celery, cucumber, zucchini and carrots.  Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C and Zinc.  Ensure your Omega-3 levels are maintained - flax seeds and hemp milk are the BEST and cleanest sources!

12.  DIY FACE MASKS -  Homemade face masks from Mother Nature's cabinet are the best skin care remedies.   They can provide a rich source of moisture.  Use ingredients like avocado, olive oil, almond oil, mashed banana and pure aloe vera sap... to name but a few!   Mix up your chosen combo in a bowl, smooth over the face and neck and leave for 20-30 mins while you relax...  rinse off with lukewarm water.  Always follow up with a rich moisturiser to seal in all that newly-replenished goodness!

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