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Your Path to Enlightenment Begins....

Your Path to Enlightenment Begins Here....  with Colloidal Platinum

Colloidal Platinum (40ppm) is one of our best-selling products.  We get many enquiries from customers regarding its uses and how the body and soul can benefit from its healing and regenerative properties.

Here are just some of them:

Many report enhanced sentient experiences in the dream realm, often stating that their dreams seem more memorable, in vivid colour and infinitely more interesting.  If you want to experiment with lucid dreaming, then Colloidal Platinum can be of benefit to you - many report that it makes the lucid dreaming endeavour more attainable.

Colloidal Platinum integrates clarity of mind with the emotions of the heart, facilitating greater mind-body coordination.  Some customers have reported to us that it opens their (inner) vision with a new-found clarity as to one's purpose in life by reinvigorating the life force itself, opening channels for increased intuitive faculties.

If you are a creative person - a poet, a writer, a visual artist, a musician etc - Colloidal Platinum can definitely increase your creativity by bringing an overall awareness of the world around you and increasing feelings of 'connectedness'.  It has, for some, been likened to a DMT trip, or a vision quest.  It can nurture self-expression and eloquence.

Colloidal Platinum is a great study aid.  Some students have reported back to us that it is their preferred solution (as opposed to caffeine drinks) to help them cram for exams because it improves their ability to focus and learn.  And, most importantly, their ability to retain information.  Like Colloidal Gold, it is highly effective in improving your memory and recall ability.

One other wonderful benefit of Colloidal Platinum is its ability to calm the mind, therefore, making it a great stress-buster.  Many find it helps them remain calm and cope more effectively with everyday stresses and struggles by providing an emotional balance and clarity.

Finally, Colloidal Platinum is great for improving your libido - one or two customers have reported, in confidence, that it has saved their marriages and gone beyond their expectations with regards to improving their sexual drive and performance.

Does this sound like something you want to try?  If so, BUY NOW - click here to take you to another realm. 

Your path to enlightenment starts here....

(c) Kat McDonald 2016

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