What is Colloidal Copper ?

The History of Colloidal Copper

History books have taught us that as far back as the Aztecs, ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, copper has been utilised for healing purposes. Copper jewellery has been worn for hundreds of years as a treatment for many ailments, including arthritis. In present times, copper bracelets are used to ease joint and arthritic pain. Now, with the understanding of copper deficiency in the body, Colloidal Copper can not only enhance the immune system, but can also result in reduction of skin wrinkles, crow's feet and varicose veins. Copper has now been promoted by leading dermatologists as the "Fountain of Youth" by improving the elasticity of the skin.

The first documented use of copper was published in 1867, when it was reported that during three separate cholera epidemics in Paris in the 1800s, copper workers were found to be immune from cholera. In the same century, the French physician, Luton, reported utilising copper in his practice to treat arthritic patients. Copper treatment for tuberculosis continued well into the 1940s. Recent tests with mice in the US, has proven that the treatment of tumours with various complexes of copper markedly decreased tumour growth and increased survival rate. It is to be noted that the copper complexes did not kill the cancer cells, but caused them to re-process to normal cells. Finnish and German medical researchers successfully utilised copper chloride and sodium salicylate to treat patients suffering from rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, neck, back and sciatica problems.

Our Process

Produced using ONLY pure Scottish steam-distilled water and 99.99% pure copper, with Faraday's proven constant current process, ensuring consistent particle size throughout.

Colloidal Copper Benefits

Research and experience has taught us that Colloidal Copper promotes healthy skin by way of its anti-ageing properties.  It is reputed to be a powerful antioxidant, assisting in cellular regeneration.

This product contains a trace amount of Colloidal Silver. This is added to all our Colloidal Supplements to improve longevity and to prevent contamination.


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