Beauty Creams-Cleopatra Range



All our skin products contain Colloids, are 100% natural & edible- though- not recommended as beeswax can stick in your teeth!

The ancients had a lot more  knowledge of working with nature for healing purposes , it is only really in the last century, we are beginning to learn what had been lost. It has been well documented that the ancient civilisations, mainly, the Mayans, Spartans, Incas & Egyptians, particularly,  Cleopatra utilised Gold, Silver and Copper to sustain her health, renowned beauty and wellbeing. If it was good enough for a Queen, it's good enough for us.


Cleopatra Anti-aging DAY Cream

This light natural cream has all the qualities to protect, re-juvenate and feed your skin. It contains the protective antiseptic qualities of Colloidal Silver, the skin re-juvenating qualities of Colloidal Copper and healing qualities of Colloidal Gold. Along with the moisturising qualities of Olive Oil and the mineral, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements of seaweed to fully feed your skin with their goodness.

Cleopatra Anti-aging NIGHT Cream

This natural cream contains all the goodness of the day cream and more. It has the added moisture of beewax to help penetrate and contain the other ingredients. Due to the consistency of the beeswax, it allows for more  Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Copper to be added. In other words, this colloidal cream is doing more work whilst you sleep.

Cleopatra Under EYE Cream

This natural cream is concentrated skin re-juvenation. The under eye skin is less dense than the rest of your facial skin, therefore, has a proprietary to wrinkle more easily. It's qualities are the concentrated promotion of healthy 'youthful' skin, antioxidant along with cellular energy production. Contains all the goodness of our day cream with additional pure beeswax and Colloidal Copper..

Colloidal Antibacterial Gel

This natural soothing gel has all the healing qualities of Colloidal Silver along with the added benefits of Arnica, Manuka Honey and Seaweed. This Gel stays on the skin for a much longer time than Colloidal Silver liquid and is therefore much more effective. Once dried it creates a seal to keep out infections. Ideal for application on all types of wounds, grazes, burns and infections including acne.