Plants & Animals



From our findings, we have recognised that Silver is equally as effective in the treatment of animal conditions as it is in human conditions. In animals, Colloidal Silver is useful in helping to treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections,  burns, ringworm, parasites, etc. It can be utilised to help improve the health of your pet's gums and is even an effective ear and eye wash. It is recommended you can also use colloidal silver for cleaning wounds and as an antiseptic on the bandage to reduce chances of opportunistic infections. We recommend you administer colloidal silver topically and directly to the affected area 3 or 4 times a day. It may also be used to sterilise your pet’s drinking food & water bowls. These can often be a breeding ground for bacteria and therefore you should always remember to make sure your pet has access to fresh water, to ensure the animal’s sustained health.

Due to changes in EU Legislation, namely Codex Alimentarius, we are no longer permitted to volunteer information regarding our products' medical properties, or their efficacy. However, by accepting our Disclaimer (on arrival at our website) or by making a purchase, you are exercising your Human Rights as a consumer.  Our findings are based on many years of research and consultation with health professionals and scientists, well-documented cases, testimonials from our customers and from our own testing and usage.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Please contact your Veterinary Surgeon before beginning any new regime.


In botanical terms, in the treatment of plants and flowers, silver is highly effective in the prevention of harmful organisms including mould, fungi and aphid infestation.

We treat our household plants with a few drops of colloidal silver once a week and noticed, particularly with flowering types, not only do the colours appear more vibrant after a couple of weeks but the leaves look shinier also.