Soaps, Lip Balms & Eye Drops
I received the soaps, lip balms and the eyedrops...thank you very much.  I was worried they would sting... they do but NOT for long.  I loe all the products and think they have made a huge difference to the health of my family including the cat!  I gave my sister a lip balm whilst she was suffering from the onset of a cold sore and she said it was the only thing that had stopped it in its tracks!

Wishing you continued success from a happy customer.

 - Sara - 2nd May 2017 (regular website customer)

Colloidal Silver 20ppm
I have had a cough for over 10 years now that was constantly there particularly in the mornings. No doctor could help me only suggestion I got was that they could inject cortisone, but that sounded very strange to me so I did not want that. I started with Colloidal Silver some weeks ago, after a week the cough became worse but now suddenly 3 days ago I could feel there was a change - my throat was not that sensitive any longer and I was hardly coughing at all that morning, now it has gone 3 days and it is the same improvement, hardly coughing at all - for me it is a huge relief as I thought I have to live with it rest of my life. Such an amazing product - I recommend it strongly.

- Mirva Petajamaa - 7th September 2016 (Etsy Customer)

Colloidal Supplements for DOGS
I have been using the Colloidal Silver for one of my dogs and it has been excellent. She suffers on and off with skin flare ups, especially after bathing. She then chews and gives herself sores. Since using this product orally and topically she has been much better. The gel I am still trying out but between the two, I have not had to go back to the Vets for antibiotics which is a huge relief!  I could not recommend this enough.
My older girl has had arthritis since 10 months old and had major operations on both elbows for dysplasia. She has been given the Colloidal Gold daily for a couple of months now and again, I have seen an improvement. She is 8 in May and with being a 72kg Newfoundland she has a lot of weight to support so to find a product working so well is, for me, the best news. With a range of supplements and also now CG she is not on pain relief which is better for her system as, we know, long term medications can cause other complications.
Both have up to now proved to be helping the Newfs and also I have been able to recommend this product to another Newf owner who, again, with his dog has had satisfactory results.
Also the Colloidal Silver has been tested on human burns and also a hotspot which Newfies are prone to. Both had quicker healing time - with no infection.
We will be getting some for the welfare dogs now too, with such positive results being shown. Thank you, Kat, for your advice - and thank you for a fantastic product.  

Kind regards, Toni (Shirebears) & The Newfoundlands In Need Team xx

Colloidal Silver & CAMEL MILK 
In my country, Saudi Arabia, we have camels.  Camel milk is very nutritious and we drink camel milk. Normally, it keeps in the refrigerator for up to 5 days; I have found that by adding a small amount of COLLOIDAL SILVER, it lasts up to 15 days!  I think it is best preservative to add to milks and juices - a natural and safe alternative to other harmful preservatives.

Abdulaziz Ahmad Bajahzar (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 16th February 2016)

TO THE COLLOIDAL COMPANY (re Colloidal Gold - 5th February 2016)

I started using your colloidal gold 2 weeks ago.

In the interest of helping others know some of the benefits, I'd like to outline some of the lovely changes I've experienced so far.

Firstly, I sprayed the gold in my eyes by accident when I was spraying my face. My eyes cleared up and shine now! I've been spraying once a day into my eyes since then and my eyesight has improved. It's incredible!  I was having some horrible eye problems for last 6 months and it's now so much better. No longer do I feel as if I have a film of something slimy over my eyes. They are clear and sparkling ... like stars!

I've also been using the colloidal gold as a face toner day and night. Acne clears up quicker this way, redness lessens faster too. I was thinking how much nicer my complexion is today ... I look fresher and younger!

I started taking 1 tablespoon internally in the morning and at times have gone to 5 tablespoons in the day. I feel a slight buzz, like all the neurons in my brain starting to fire up. I feel like my old joyful, easy going self again. My sense of self is better, I'm more present, my responses quicker. What would've irritated me now doesn't. I'm managing well on less sleep. It feels like it relaxes my nervous system. Basically taking this makes me feel happier and more balanced!

(Oh, first few days there was a little detox feeling, like I was more tired, needing more sleep. I put this down to my nervous system unwinding.)

I also give a teaspoon each to my dogs who have become a bit lethargic with age. They are now a little more energetic and more playful.

That's why I came back to buy more bottles. I want to always have this amazing stuff around and be able to share with others too.

As you can probably see from my comments above, I highly recommend your colloidal gold!! This is true wholistic medicine as it works with mind, body and spirit.

Thanks for providing an EXCELLENT quality product at a reasonable cost and for offering such an efficient and speedy service!

Thank you from my heart!

Yours truly

JJ Smith (website customer - 5th February 2016)

Hi Kat, I find that out of all the various creams I have tried, your one suits me best. I have been trying to catch some 'rays' over the summer and together my skin is currently looking the best it has for some years now.  So really pleased with current situation.

Debbie (August 2015 - re Eczema Moisturising Cream & MSM Cream)

I love silver water for external use, especially on my pets as it doesn't harm them like most disinfectants.  I am currently bathing our poor old dog's horrible facial wound with it instead of salt water.  It is healing nicely and our Vet approves.  I also used it to treat our cat's abscesses after giving up on saline and antibiotics.  It cleared up very, very quickly. (re: True Colloidal Silver)

D C  (February 2015)

A good quality product and higher strength product that works (re: True Colloidal Silver).  Watch out for Herx's Reaction - but that only proves that it is working!  If you've had this condition for years, like me, there are so many bacteria to die off - it is a painful patch to go through.  Good service.

A Hart (January 2014 - re: Lyme's / Morgellen's Treatment)

have always kept Colloidal Silver at home and this one (re: True Colloidal Silver) was stronger - 30+ppm, great stuff - read about it and try it.  You will be pleased that you did.

P B (December 2014 - re: Colds, Flu and Stomach Bugs)

I love this Company and their products. Their Gold has helped my nearly 16 year old dog with his arthritis.  Every time I forget to give him, I notice a difference as he perks up after a few days and talk about giving him lead in his pencil....

It's a great product and a great price for such quality.  I also heartily recommend their Colloidal Silver for external use on pets.  Unlike saline and other disinfectants it's cooling & doesn't hurt.  It's the only thing that cured a very aggressive and mystery infection that wasn't responding to antibiotics.  Our Vet was very surprised at the sudden turn around.  I cannot thank them enough and they've always been very generous, courteous and cooperative when ordering.

A C  (April 2015)

This is great stuff.  I started giving it to our 15 year old dog who has arthritis and is on Metacam.  Just after a couple of days, he really perked up and started chasing our cat around like a puppy.  He's definitely a lot happier in himself and our dog-sitter remarked on the difference after not seeing him for a couple of months, saying that she could take him on longer walks.  He still licks his 'wrists' now and then but nothing like before.

I myself have taken it and could really feel the difference quickly. I felt much more cheerful.  This is a very good price for Colloidal Gold of this strength.  A very good company indeed!

A C  (February 2015)

A very good product!  (re: Colloidal Silver 20ppm)

Tomasz  (March 2015)

Having researched the medicinal uses of Gold in our history, I thought I would try this and this review is based on 4 bottles thus far and a few pots of FREE Cream from the Colloidal Company.  The product is very good, well-presented and well-packed with a fast delivery so I highly recommend for these reasons.  (re: Colloidal Gold)

K Gair  (February 2015)

Great product, clearly enhances cognitive function.  (re: Colloidal Gold)

Colm  (May 2015)

I purchased this item as I was recovering from shingles and a throat virus so was extremely low - I have been taking Colloidal Gold for just over a week and now feel ready for the world. A brilliant tonic!

A Hood  (March 2015)

I started to use this and wasn't sure if it was psychological but felt great when I used it, got a bit of a head rush.  My teenage daughter suffers from ups and downs and often goes into melt down.  I told her to start taking this and wow what a difference - she seems much more stable (and easier to live with).  (re: Colloidal Gold)

Nicki  (December 2013)

I have been taking about 1 tablespoonful every morning half an hour before breakfast.  I feel alot calmer.  I suffer from terrible PMS every month and this has made such a difference in only one month.  I will definitely keep taking it as have been searching and trying different products for so long and nothing has worked until now.  (re: Colloidal Gold)

Martina K (January 2015)

Delivery on time and must say this products is potent, lucid dreams & focus, better mood & feel 20 years old again.  Does what label says and then some!  Don't be fooled by taste of water hehehe... it will kick your butt!  If you're not used to taking something like this then 5cc will do!  (re: Colloidal Platinum)

Lars (Sweden - May 2015)

Excellent!  (re Colloidal Copper)

B D (France - July 2014)

Quick service and free cream sample!  I shall be ordering Colloidal Copper again...

Valeria (May 2014)

Very good cream, very absorbent!

Anna (April 2015)

Amazing cream... wonderful indeed

H Edet (March 2015)

I have not used any other cream, apart from yours. It really does help me with my skin condition.

Manpreet Singh (June 2015)

Having been using your Colloidal Gold, I've noticed a vast improvement in my libido.  I was able to make love to my wife for the first time in over 2 years... thank you.

T Watson (April 2015)

Amazing products...

Vicky Kaur-Singh (January 2015)

Currently using your lip balm and day cream - lushness in a pot!

V Langford (January 2015)

The eczema cream has changed my son's skin drastically - and helping family members too - what lovely souls you both are.

Leah Erin (April 2015)

My wife had suffered from a serious ear infection. After two courses of antibiotics and no improvement, I decided to try Colloidal Silver. Within 2 days it all cleared up.

A Phelps (May 2015)

I've tried and fallen in love with your eczema cream (12 November 2014)

Fiona Kaczmarczyk

I'll be reordering the Colloidal Gel and Eczema Cream - that works better than a steroid... I love those; the cream works better than anything I've ever used on my eczema and I use the Gel for my teenage son's acne. (10 November 2014)

Melanie Leigh, UK

Loving the samples you gave me! (10 November 2014)

Yvonne Purves, Glenrothes, UK

Currently using your lip balm and Cleopatra Day Cream. Lushness in a pot! (26 August 2014)

Nessa Plantlover

Hi Remo and Janey (27 October 2013)

Thank you so much for the Creams. I can highly recommend them to anyone. I have noticed the difference in my skin and it feels fantastic. I have used the Colloidal Gold , Silver, Copper, and Platinum also and its really helped my son with his ADHD and my husband with his aches and pains. I had tried various things in the past that didn't work but am very happy to say this product is great. I am using some on a dog at the moment too. Thank you so much for the great products and great customer service.

Joolz x


Your Colloidal Gold is incredible! Only 6 days in but feeling great! (24 September 2014)

Orion Diamond 

Dear The Colloidal Company, (12 August 2013)  
"I do not speak English. I can read a little. But this product is great for my health. Thank you for send it to me ... I love you for this! ... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you! I speak Spanish and Swedish only." Elsa, Stockholm, Sweden

Hi, (11th August 2013)

"It's great stuff! I'd particularly like to thank Liz for all her advise! My mum has a new lease of life after16 years of pain. Your truely one of life's kind caring people. x " Cleo London

Hi to you all the the Colloidal Company, (23 June 2013)

I  met you last week at the Bilderberg gathering in Watford and you gave me

a sample of your face cream and just wanted to write and say thank you!!
I've had a cyst under my eye for around a year, I've used your beautiful
face cream for the last week and its almost gone, along with a scar I have
had for 16 years that seems to be reducing dramatically!!
I'm going to call you next week as I'd like to speak to you about
purchasing some other of your products so I can choose the right ones but
wanted to write to you today to say how wonderful your cream is and THANK
YOU SO MUCH for the great work you are doing in the world!

It was lovely to meet you last week and I think the whole event was very
special :)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Best wishes,


Hi The Colloidal Company,  (14th June 2013)

Whilst recuperating from a broken back I lost my business and ended up with severe anxiety, depression and skin problems. A friend suggested Colloidal Gold within a couple of days my skin improved and is now much better and I now enjoy a good night’s sleep

Kind Regards,

RM (Scotland)
Hi thought i had to drop you a quick note. Regarding your colloidal cream

A friend suggested i try it on my feet.After wearing work boots for years.
I developed hard dry hard skin.which was not very pleasant.After a couple of months using colloidal silver i was amazed at the difference it made. You can guarantee i will be coming back.

Cheers TCC . (5th March 2013)

Hi The Colloidal Company (27th Feb 2013)

"I started using the colloidal silver cream to deal with my eczema, and after two weeks I noticed a huge improvement.  I've now replaced my regular steroid cream with this cream"


Hi Remo (25th Feb 2013)
I just wanted to thank you for the big bottle of colloidal silver. After having an abscess in my gum which antibiotics had failed to treat I used your colloidal silver 3 times a day swishing it round my mouth before spitting out.  After a couple of days the abscess had drastically reduced in size and a week later it has gone entirely. 
Fabulous product thank you again

"Whilst on holiday in Spain one of my kids became very ill, due to an ear infection that was no doubt picked up whilst swimming in the sea or swimming pool (a common concern for any parent with young kids). I poured a few drops of Colloidal Silver into the ear . Within a couple of hours the infection calmed down and with a few more drops was gone. "

"Personally I have suffered a perforated eardrum and have often been plagued with ear infections. My partner suggested Colloidal Silver. I hesitated at first, mainly due to placing any type of water solution directly into my infected ear was concerning, but realized I had little to lose as a trip to the doctors (or on occasion to the hospital emergency unit) was in no doubt anyway. Having total trust in my partner and taking ‘a leap of faith’, I was truly astounded at the result! After 30 years of ongoing ear infection problems, I can now self heal as soon as I feel an infection coming on. The infection was gone in a few hours saving myself and my family, from a lot of pain and upheaval. Being ill at anytime is not good news but whilst on holiday abroad it is truly a nightmare. From that day forward. A couple of 100ml bottles are ALWAYS to be found in my travel bag."

"Having suffered from skin infections (due to eczema) for most of my life, I have now taken to disinfecting the infection with Colloidal Silver with great success! Now, family and friends rub Colloidal Silver into their skin to prevent infections from occurring. Our kids are more receptive to infections whilst on holiday flying, swimming and bathing etc."

"As a result of breaking my back in a boating accident, I found myself unable to work for some time. Whilst, recuperating, I lost my business and subsequently, ended up with severe anxiety, depression and skin rashes. A friend suggested Colloidal Gold. Within a couple of days, I noticed that my skin improved.  It is now much better and I now enjoy a good night’s sleep."

"Rescued colour-point cat suffering from cat flu, green matter discharge from eyes, sneezing excessively, low energy levels and no appetite (colloidal silver). Treated with 10ml daily of Ionic Colloidal Silver, using plastic syringe (obtainable from any chemist) orally and two drops directly into eyes. After three days, discharge from eyes reduced, sneezing ceased, energy and appetite levels increased.This is the second time she has been treated successfully with Silver and is now on a constant daily dosage of 4ml plus two drops in each eye (colloidal silver). Additionally, 2 capfuls of cleared Ionic Silver is added to her water bowl along with a capful of Silver (tasteless) to her food, to basically keep the symptoms at bay with no further ailments for the past six months."